Wow, what a great song, “Break Every Chain”!!! Just 30 minutes ago I was reading some Facebook messages to 10-4 God and this one was sent to us yesterday from a woman:

“I was in the bar scene for 22 years. I believed in Jesus but had never met Him! One night in Oct. 1993 a man on TV asked me to say the sinner’s prayer. I was so drawn to say that prayer. I walked up to the TV and said the prayer. To my shock JESUS CAME! His presence filled the room and my heart. He showed me my sin, and I repented!! He opened my blinded soul, and washed me clean! Then I saw Him with big chains. I saw Him break them in tow and I felt in me a snap!! I was free!! Went to the kitchen and poured all the alcohol down the sink! I was filled with His Spirit! He delivered me from, occultism, fornication, porn, profanity, rebellion, and more!! He then put me in the ministry. I have been ministering in prisons, juvenile detention centers, a homeless shelter, three nursing homes, TV and radio all to the glory of God!! He is the Savior and chain breaker!!”

Everyone, this can also happen to you. I felt the chains break in my own life and then I was free, yes free indeed! A few lines in the song “Break Every Chain“…

“Jesus can break every chain in your heart.”

Yes, Jesus can break every chain if you will let Him. Every chain is every sin. Sin chains us down and keeps us bound up.

“There is a (Spiritual) army rising up.”

There is a Spiritual Army rising up to help others break their chains by telling the truth about Jesus and about God’s commandments. Revival is coming more than anyone else could have ever imagined. Rise up and let revival start in your hearts and then it will spread to others.

“I hear the chains falling.”

Everyone, let God snap those chains for you so you can hear and feel them fall to the ground. You will become free, yes free indeed. After this, you will experience a peace that transcends all understanding!

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