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To realize the 10-4 God Vision and Mission, very large sums of money are required. The required dollars will be used for buildings, infrastructure, workers, equipment, activities, and more. Even though us at 10-4 God do not have a clue how these financial needs will be met, we believe that God can do anything. We believe that if this ministry is God’s Will and we are doing this ministry with the right heart, then God will lead others to provide.

10-4 God is a nonprofit organization and is a registered 501(c)(3) organization with the IRS. The below are preliminary projections of the financial needs:

1) Building out the property for the initial mission = $4,000,000 for Oct 2020 – Dec 2022. Build all buildings and required infrastructure for the US Veterans and downtrodden youth (initially focusing on troubled boys). This includes cabins, bath houses, congregation hall, dining hall with kitchen, fencing, land activities, lake activities, housing for workers, and the list keeps going. The projected completion date of this build out is December 31, 2022.

2) Equipment, worker salaries, activities and miscellaneous for the first two years. This will include inviting some U.S. Veterans to the property and ministering to them, hopefully starting in Summer 2021. This will be limited since we presently have a limited amount of facilities. Projected Budget = $1,000,000 for Jan 2021 – Dec 2022.

3) Full scale operation after the property is ready. Our maximum Invitee occupancy will be 80 individuals (40 vets and 40 downtrodden youth). Projected operational cost per month = 80 people x $3,000/person/month = $240,000 per month for Jan. 2023 – Onward.
These costs include staff/workers’ salaries, food, property upkeep, facilities operation and maintenance, activities costs, etc. The Invitees, while at the 10-4 God property, will not be asked to pay for anything while in the 10-4 God program. The costs for these Invitees will be paid by others that donate financial resources to 10-4 God.

Property activities will be a costly offering, but necessary to help prepare the Invitee’s hearts to receive the Word and Gospel seeds. The property activities will include, but not be limited to: horseback riding, camping, gardening, livestock care, gun range target practice, skeet shooting, archery, hiking, mountain bike trail riding, recreation field activities including soccer/basketball/playground, zip lining, ropes course, hunting, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, wildlife watching, photography, large water slide to the lake, and other activities as we think about them.

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