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Several years ago, 10-4 God was started by a person taking a stack of $10 bills to a homeless shelter during Christmas time. The Gospel message was shared to the individuals that were willing to listen. Afterward, each participant received $10 and a personal/Gospel written message from the individual that gave the verbal message to them. The name “10-4 God” seemed appropriate since I gave each person $10 for God and not for myself. In fact, I did not want to give anyone my hard earned money but I did it because I felt that was what God was leading me to do. The measly $10 to each individual was not the point, the point was that one gives from the love given by God.

Afterward, as the years went by, it seemed God was leading me to start a ministry but I was not a Preacher or an Evangelist. In fact, the originator of this Ministry did not want to start a ministry and only wanted to do the minimum necessary to get into heaven. Finally, after I finally started praying for God’s Will in my life and asked for God’s wisdom, I felt I really was being led to begin a ministry. The 10-4 God Ministry began in 2017. Although I am not the Minister type, if it is God’s Will and God’s direction then I need to say 10-4 and follow God’s lead. The name “10-4 God” seemed appropriate since this is what I am essentially doing to responding to God’s leadership in my life.

To this author, when giving someone a “10-4” in response to a messenger’s message, the “10-4” means “I have heard your message to me and I affirm your message to me. Therefore, I will respond to your message through action.”

Now I am trying to follow God’s Will the best I can so I have started this ministry. This ministry is not to point to me in any way but it is to point to the saving Grace of Jesus. It is to help other people that have not given God their “I heard you God loud and clear, now I will follow you with all my heart, mind and soul” or in other words they have not given God their “10-4”.

In 2020 it seemed God was leading 10-4 God to do something big and bold. God is leading us to use country property(s) to invite the “least of these” and to minister to them. These Invitees will never be asked to pay for their stay at the property. Everyone, including myself, is wondering how we will make the new vision happen and the founder at this ministry does not know. We do know that God is infinite and can do anything. If God can make the universe then God can make this miniscule 10-4 God ministry successful, if that is God’s Will.

I pray that those participating in 10-4 God will submit to God’s Will and wisdom in everything. I hope 10-4 God’s history will show that the Gospel was above all else and the 10-4 God leaders/workers were only the hands and feet of Jesus all while God was the brains and soul of the ministry.

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