10-4 God Ministry Overview


10-4 God is a non-profit 501(c)(3) Christian based Ministry seeking to help the lost, downtrodden, abused and unhopeful people of the World. Additionally, 10-4 God will help all the other people needing the saving power of Christ and the infinite power of God the Father but our focus is on the “Least of These”. Currently, the Ministry will focus on US Veterans and downtrodden youth (initially focusing on downtrodden boys). Our process includes the following steps in order to plant the Gospel into those 10-4 God ministers to:

1. Host individuals (Invitees) at a country acquired property(s), for an amount of time determined each invitee needs, in order to adequately receive the Word of God and receive the seeds of the gospel within fertile, prepared hearts. 10-4 God will purchase properties and develop real estate in support of the Ministry’s vision and mission.

2. Once the Invitees are at a 10-4 God property, help them disconnect from the troubled outside world, disconnect from modern communication/IT technologies and receive/use the wondrous beauty of God’s creation. This process will help calm and relax the Invitees.

3. While at a 10-4 God property the Invitees will continue schooling (if applicable), learn how to work on the property’s land, participate in the land’s activities (e.g. hunting, fishing, horseback riding, etc.….), learn/work in other areas that the Ministry prepares to help unique circumstances within each Invitee’s heart/mind/soul.

4. While Invitees are at the property then 10-4 God will Minister to each person with the following end goals for each: a) To realize and believe God is 100% real; b) To accept the gift of Jesus and place their ultimate Faith in Jesus; c) To submit and ask for God’s Will in their lives/hearts; d) To prepare to leave the property and prepare to leave the 10-4 God Ministry in order to impact the World through their witness and through spreading the Gospel.

5. After 10-4 God believes the above steps have been performed to the best of the Ministry’s ability for an Invitee and/or an Invitee wishes to leave the Ministry’s program, then the Invitee will leave the 10-4 God property(s) and go back out into the World.


For 10-4 God to affect all people through the power of the Gospel by ministering primarily to the “least of these” (Matthew 25:40) including, but not limited to, the unloved, lost, downtrodden, forgotten, abused, unhopeful and socially dismissed peoples in the World.


Seek God’s Will and Wisdom all while using the 10-4 God resources and people to realize the 10-4 God Vision.


1. God is the one and only God of the Universe. God is 100% real.

2. Jesus was sent to Earth to save all mankind, give unending Grace and to be the one true way to God.

3. All people must get saved through Faith in Jesus and then seek to sanctify their heart through God’s power.

4. We must ask and seek God’s Will and Wisdom in everything we think, do and say in order to realize true freedom, to have true happiness and to humbly impact the world for Christ.

Points of special interest and operation:

1. All Invitees’ participation in the 10-4 God Ministry is free to each Invitee. 10-4 God will only receive a donation from a willing Invitee at his/her own discretion and 10-4 God will never directly ask for a donation from an Invitee.

2. No Board member, Executive Director and/or Associate Director will ever be allowed to receive compensation for its services, for the aforementioned positions, to 10-4 God. Expenses, in respect to the support of the ministry, can be reimbursed.

3. 10-4 God will mostly depend on donations to acquire properties, sponsor Invitees and pay for all activities and costs associated with realizing the 10-4 God vision and mission.

4. 10-4 God will depend on God’s Will, wisdom, direction and guidance in order to realize the 10-4 God vision and mission. 10-4 God is only a part of the hands and feet of Jesus.

5. Overburdening bureaucracy will not be tolerated or allowed within 10-4 God.

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