Ministry for Veterans

Restoring Hope for Our Heroes

There are many Veterans that have many past emotional scars due to the horrors of war. Many Vets have little to no hope and do not know what or who to turn to. Many Vets turn to drugs, alcohol, violence, and/or suicide. Others may fall into depression, poverty, and deep hopelessness.

Those at 10-4 God know there is an Ultimate Solution to any and all problems that infect U.S. Vets. We know that God awaits to save each Vet and to cure them of any and all issues they experienced in war and/or service in the military.

Support for Veterans

We seek to partner with past Vets, Veteran groups, and anyone else that feels a calling to help the men and women of the U.S. Military. Please contact us using the below contact form.

If you want to know how to help veterans, it can be hard to find the best nonprofit 501(c)(3) charities that specifically help military veterans get back on their feet. It’s important to understand how to which are the top rated. It’s important to understand how good veteran charities help people in need so that your support really makes a difference. At 10-4 God, we are dedicated to the path that God has put us on to genuinely help veterans change direction in their life. If you have questions about how we do this, we would be more than happy to provide more details.

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